Drama Guidelines



This competition is intended to foster good ethical, social and Christian values through the presentation of drama performances In a form of plays, monologues and mimes, puppet shows etc.
Due to Covid-19 this year may look a little different. Drama will be done at home safely. Please follow all guidelines of Covid-19 for your safety. This year you can virtually do a short play, a monologue, a puppet show, a mime performance or even include your family in a short play. Please be creative.


2020 Drama Guidelines:


  1. The drama and competition is for Grades 1 & up.

  2. The production must relate to the theme of Mahragan 2020, My church is Spirit and Life and should be drawn from our Church spirit, values and traditions.

  3. The production can be in forms of a short play, a monologue, a puppet show, a mime performance or even include your family in a short play. You can also use tools from things like multimedia to aid your performance.

  4. The storyline should NOT be in the form of a sermon or a lesson, the script should have a clear message which has to relate to the mahragan theme. If you are telling a true story there should be no altering in the events being told.

  5. The use of flammable materials is prohibited during the production.

  6. Complete running time should not exceed 15- 25 minutes according to the age group.

  7. If you are doing a group performance, please do it virtually and follow all guidelines made by the government for your safety.

  8. Details on how to submit your performance will be shared by email to registered participants.

Regional Competition Guidelines:

  1. The drama activity and competition is for grades 1 & up.

  2. The production must relate to the theme of Mahragan 2019, -- and should be drawn from our Church spirit, values and traditions.

  3. The production must be in form short plays, according to the age group ( Please see local guideline). The groups qualified must be of 15-20 children (1 script per group), including backstage, directors, actors, singing individuals and tech. we encourage the team work between the kids to perform backstage, as well as acting.

  4. Please note that it is highly recommended that the kids participate in the backstage work at the time of the play, including moving the props and changing costumes whenever it is safe for them to do so, according to their age group and with the help and guidance of their group servants.

  5. It is also important to get the kids involved in creating the props and murals. Marks will be given as the kids’ work will be recognized by the judges. 

  6. All scripts must be submitted for review and approval by judges (for timing accuracy) by August __ 2019. Any script not submitted for approval by this deadline will not be permitted to perform.

  7. Scripts should be written with appropriate language, with no bad words and violence in it.

  8. The play timing should be:

    1. 10-15 min long for Grade 1&2

    2. 15-20 min long for Grade 3&4

    3. 20-25 min long for Grade 5&6

    4. 30-35 min long for Grade 7+ including adult performance

  9. Please make sure to be on time and ready in order to follow the strict time schedule. In the same way, stage setup prior to the play cannot exceed 10 minutes. These criteria will affect the timing mark.

  10. Improvising with bad language, actions or straying from the script may risk in elimination.

  11. The use of flammable materials is prohibited during the production.

  12. Technical support and back stage work to be rewarded as follows: The relevance of the props to the scenes. The importance of the light and sounds being used in building up the story The quality of the murals/ Screen (according to the age group) and how they are all connected to the play. <<See rubric for more details>>

Evaluation Criteria for Short Plays and Anthologies:


Audition Prep for Each Role:


A kind reminder that audition registration will be close by June 9 2019, following a first-come-first-serve basis and they will be held on June 16 and 23rd 2019 at the Trinity Hall of VMSA church. Each child is permitted to audition for 2 of the 4 roles within their drama age group and should come prepared with 2 out of the 4 following (script to follow on the next page):

Technical support: For those who wish to audition for technical support within a drama group will be provided with a script. Using the given script, you are asked to independently create a PowerPoint presentation for backgrounds in the play as well as include sound effects or music for this given scene. Please bring a USB with your PowerPoint and audio.

Script-writing & directing: For those who wish to audition for script writer and director roles will be provided with the first half of a short play and are asked to complete the second half of the script. In addition to this, you will be asked to speak about your vision or interpretation of different characters’ personalities, scenes or relationships between characters. Tell us how to improvise the script and put it into action! Please come with your script printed.

Stage management & props: For those who wish to audition for stage management and props will be given a script of a play. Using the given script, they are asked to create/bring a prop or model of a mural for one of the scenes. (Props that should be brought do not include part of a characters’ costume- this is too simple) In addition to this, please bring a drawing or picture of how you envision a few of the characters to be dressed/appear (should include makeup if needed).

Actors: For those who wish to audition for acting roles will be given a short snippet of a script from which they can choose which character to audition for. At home, please try every character to find what best fits you and try roles that may be outside your comfort zone…you may surprise yourself! Please arrive with your lines memorized and come in costume. Please add your personal touch to the character. The coordinator may or may not ask you to try reading lines for another role if they think another character would be a better fit.

Thank you for considering drama as part of your Mahragan activities . Good luck with your auditions and remember, if you don’t get a desired role this year, you can take it as an opportunity to improve and try again next year! See you soon!


This play is about the holy Pentecost and witnesses of the apostles speaking in many different tongues.

Scene 2

Carnival music is playing. There are games booths set up, cotton candy, etc., except in one corner there seems to be a house.
At the first booth is a three legged race.
Sam: (Wandering over and reading the sign) Three…legged….race. Cool! Hey guys! Over here! Let’s try this!
The rest of the group comes over.
Zhi: *in an Asian accent* What we have here?
Sam: Check this out…a three-legged race! We get to grow an extra leg! That’s CRAZY cool!
DeeDee: Uh, Sam, I don’t think that’s what it means—
Indapreet: * in an Indian accent* THREE legs! Oooooh…we not have this in India! I want to try!
Zhi: Me too! I try too!
Sam: Let’s go!
DeeDee: Uh, guys, I don’t think that’s what it means—
Carnival Master: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! Young and old, Carnival goers from all nations!
Zhi: Nehoma!
Carnival Master: Welcome to the fabulous, stupendous, unparalleled, THREE-LEGGED-RACE!
They all cheer.
Carnival Master: Step right up, step right up, and here we go! Now listen carefully to the rules: (Proceeds to explain the rules in French, while the group looks on in confusion, except Zhi and Sam, who nod along even though they don’t really understand.) Maintenant, chaque deux personnes doivent attacher leurs chevilles ensemble, et ils doivent courir la course sans tomber. Prêt ? Allons-y !
The Carnival Master hands each pair a piece of cloth to tie their ankles with, except neither does the right thing with it.
Zhi first examines the cloth, then not knowing what to do, ties it like a scarf around his neck.
Indapreet: No, no, no, this is not the right way. (Takes the cloth and ties it around his head like a turban. They keep arguing back and forth over what to do with the cloth.)
Meanwhile, Sam and DeeDee are also arguing over the cloth.
Sam: Hey, where’s the third leg already? (Shakes out each leg) Still feels like two…
DeeDee: Give me the tie-cloth Sam (Grabs the cloth) that’s not what “Three-legged race” means, it mea—

Sam: I know! (Grabs the cloth back) We have to be blindfolded! That way the secret of the third leg is not revealed!
DeeDee: No Sam! (Tries to pull the cloth away, but Sam hangs on and ties it around his eyes.)
Carnival Master: (Amidst all this chaos) GO!
Everyone runs every which way, not knowing what they’re supposed to do, Sam shakes his legs every once in a while, etc.
Carnival Master: STOP! STOP! Arrêtez!
They all freeze.
Zhi: Did I win? Did I win?
Carnival Master: Win? Win?! Quel chaos ! Quelle folie ! Personne n'a suivi des instructions ! This is not working! Fired! You’re all fired!
The Carnival Master walks off in a huff.
Indapreet: Excuse me…he just fire us?
DeeDee: Fired? How can you be fired from playing a game at a Carnival?
Sam: I’ll say! And I want my money back, I didn’t get my third leg!
DeeDee: (Rolling her eyes) Come on, let’s just find another game.
They walk off.

Scene 3

Indapreet is looking around and sees a pie-eating contest.
Indapreet: Ah! Come, come friends, look! I see something nice!
DeeDee: (Looking at the pie plates filled with whipped cream) Uh oh, I don’t like the look of this…
Suddenly the Carnival Master walks in, changes hats, and turns to face the group.
Carnival Master: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! Young and old, Carnival goers from all nations! Wel—wait a minute, you again?
All except Zhi: You again?
Zhi: Nehoma!
Carnival Master: Ackh! Well, welcome to the fabulous, stupendous, unparalleled, PIE CONTEST! Come now, sit down, sit down! (They each take their seats behind one of the pies. Then the CM proceeds to explain the rules, this time in Italian. Again, no one understands.) Quando gli dò un segnale, iniziare a mangiare la vostra torta velocemente come potete. La persona che rifinisce la sua torta in primo luogo vince! GO!