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Public Speaking Guidelines


Public speaking is a skill that everyone needs at some point in their academic or professional career. For the Mahragan public speaking competition, please prepare and deliver a 5-10 minute informative speech with accompanying visual aids. Here are some guidelines to follow for your project:


Choose an appropriate topic for an informative speech that’s is related to the Mahragan theme. We recommend choosing a topic you're familiar enough with that you can comfortably fill a 5-10 minute time period. Remember that the purpose of an informative speech is to educate those listening to you on your topic of choice. Informative speeches can be about objects, persons, processes, concepts or an event.


Choose appropriate visual aids that would work best for your presentation, such as slideshows, poster boards, demonstrations, etc. If you choose to do a slideshow, please use PowerPoint or a suitable alternative (such as Google Slides).


You may refer to notes or index cards during the speech; however, please be sure to maintain eye contact.


Using Sources:

Please use at least two valid sources, especially to support any facts, figures, data, or statistics you use. These sources should be properly cited in your presentation, slideshow, or on a separate Works Cited page.


You must submit a hard copy of your speech upon arrival on the day of your presentation.

Here are some allotted time for the different grades speeches:

Grades 1-2 must present for at least 3 minutes

Servants or parents can select a passage from the Bible

Grades 3-4 must present for at least 4-5 minutes

Participants to create informative speech related to Mahragan Theme

Grades 5-8 must present for at least 5-7 minutes

Participants to create informative speech related to Mahragan Theme

Public Speaking Rubrics

Mahragan Public speaking rubric (1).jpg
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