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Multimedia Guidelines



This competition is intended to foster the creativity and technical ability of the participants and to utilize the latest technology in serving God in a Christian context.


Competition Guidelines:


  • The multimedia competition is for Gr. 3 and above.

  • Choose one of the projects below and make sure to relate it to the theme of the Mahragan.

    • Graphics: Create a computer image. Suggested Programs: Photoshop or Twisted Brush

    • Web Design: Design a webpage. The webpage may include images and/or music. Suggested

      Programs: FrontPage or WebDwarf or ChocolateBanana or StrawBerryMango.

    • Multimedia: Create a video or a slideshow. Suggested Programs: Windows Movie Maker or


    • Computer Game: Create any Christian computer game. Suggested Program: Game Maker 8

    • Mobile Application: Create a mobile app. Suggested Program: Qt Creator

  • All projects must be the original work of the participant and should reflect his or her creative ability. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and will negatively affect your mark.

  • Groups participating in the Multimedia activity may be represented by one or more members of the group and have one or more submission. If there is more than one submission representing the group, the higher mark will count as the group mark in Multimedia.

  • On the day of the competition, bring your project your laptop to avoid compatibility issues, otherwise you can bring your project on a USB

    All resources used should be consistent with our Orthodox beliefs, whether images, movies, songs or data. All references should be included.

  • For the final submission, the participant must include explanation for how to run the multimedia project for evaluation purposes.



Topic/Content: 33%
Technical Capability: 33%
Mechanics: 33%


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